Giinagay (Hello)

The Unkya Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC) was established during 1983/1984, by a group of local Aboriginal people, including local Aboriginal Elders under the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Rights Act (ALRA) 1982.

We are based in Macksville North Coast of New South Wales and operate Unkya Cultural Tours out at Scott’s Head which is a 15 Minute drive from Macksville, it is a beautiful little beach village.

Unkya LALC chose to operate our cultural tours from Scott’s Head because it is very culturally significant to the southern Gumbaynggirr people, as it is a significant component of our Gumbaynggirr song lines.

Unkya Cultural tours have been in operation since 2012.

Scott’s Head is where our creation stories begin of how the Ocean was made, our sacred mountain Yarriabini – Koala Dreaming is situated looking down over Gaagal Wanggaan (South Beach) National Park (which is owned by the Nambucca Heads and Unkya LALC’s on behalf of the Gumbaynggirr people.

Our cultural tours were created to offer customers an insight into the oldest living culture in the world, here in the Nambucca Valley the local Aboriginal community still practice our Gumbaynggirr Traditions, Customs and our Sacred Lores, which continues to be passed onto the descendants coming after us. We share with our customers and give them an insight into our belief systems and our deep spiritual connection to Gaagal (Ocean) which is our Gumbaynggirr Totem.

The local Aboriginal community of the Nambucca Valley are very proud of our unique Gumbaynggirr Language which we are so fortunate to still be able to speak and teach our future descendants to keep it alive, be responsible for continuing to pass on our beautiful language.

We are fortunate that our Elders had the foresight to record our language, and to continue to speak it.

The local Aboriginal community of the Nambucca Valley have a deep cultural connection to Gaagal Wanggaan (South Beach) National Park, which is where most of us grew up with our families camping, swimming, gathering bush tucker, fishing, going for Pippies.

Our camp sites are still on Gaagal Wanggaan (South Beach) National Park. Which now our local Aboriginal Rangers are responsible for the care of our Aboriginal Owned National Park.

Self Drive

The towns of Macksville and Scott’s Head are By Passed by the M1 Motorway so if you are coming up from the South you will need to take the Macksville Exit to Scott’s Head

If you are travelling from the North down to Scott’s Head travellers will need to take the 2nd Macksville Exit to get to Scott’s Head.

Scott’s Head is a 40 minute drive to Coffs Harbour in the North and 1 hour drive to Port Macquarie in the South.

We would love for you to come take our tours and have an Authentic Aboriginal Experience with us, come and explore and learn about our unique Gumbaynggirr culture and learn our language.

Come take a journey back to our dreaming and walk our Ancestral lands with Unkya Cultural Tours, we would love to meet you all, and we invite you to learn about our Gumbaynggirr Culture.

Unkya Cultural Tours are 100% Authentic, Aboriginal Owned and Operated by the Unkya LALC and our experienced local Aboriginal tour guides.

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